Happy Valley Orienteering

From time to time, we host small, local orienteering meets around State College. These events are beginner-friendly. Instruction and loaner compasses are available. Most will have a beginner (1-2 mile) and an intermediate (3-5 mile) course.

Happy Valley Orienteering Meets

Date Title Location Time Courses Results
30 April 2017 College Heights 320 Adams Ave 4:00-8:00pm Beg/Int  
20 June 2017 Circleville O Meet Circleville Park 6:00-8:00pm Beg/Int Results
20 July 2017 PSU Score Orienteering Meet Nittany Lion Inn (In front of) 6:00-8:00pm Score O Results
25 Aug 2017 Sunset Park Bike-O (and Foot) Meet Sunset Park 6:00-10:00pm    

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