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Mark's Current Racing Schedule
 Past Races
Jan 2017The ChillMaryland6 hrs1stW/ Rootstock Racing
Mar 2017Crooked Compass RogainePennsylvania8 hrs5thw/ Glen
Mar 2017RaccoongainePennsylvania6 hrs1stsolo
Mar 2017Fool's RogaineNew Jersey6 hrs3rd1st co-ed team
Apr 2017Breakdown Adventure RaceKentucky4 days3rdw/ SaraD,JonS,Julia
Apr 2017EPIC Adventure RaceVirginia24 hoursXXVolunteering
May 2017Get Stoked RogaineVA12/24 hrsXXRace director
May 2017Dragon's Back RunWales200 miles42nd125/230 racers finished
Jun 2017Rothrock Trail ChallengePennsylvania17 miles16th1st 50+
Jun 2017Savage ARNew Jersey12 hours2ndw/ Andy, Ann
Jun 2017Highland Sky 40MWest Virginia41 miles16thin 8:15
Jul 2017Sinister 7 Relay RunAlberta, CAN103 miles35thw/ Lora,Scott,Kelly
Jul 2017Sheltowee Extreme ARKentucky12 hours3rdw/ Lora, Shane
Jul 2017CNYO RogaineNew York24 hrs1stw/ Dave Lamb
Aug 2017Cowboy Tough Adventure RaceWyoming7 days22ndw/ Rootstock Racing
Aug 2017Ellicottville Adventure RunNew York6 hrs4thw/ Samson!
Sep 2017USARA NationalsPennsylvania30 hrs7thw/ Andy, Sara
Oct 2017Stockville RogainePA2 days4thw/ Lora&Samson
Oct 2017Run Around The GorgeWV41 milesXXRace director
Nov 2017Race The Ridge ARVirginia6 hrs1stsolo
Nov 2017WPOC Score O (Pine Ridge)Pennsylvania1.5 hrs1stsolo
Dec 2017Two Rivers RaceDelaware12 hrs3rdw/ Chris,Jo