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Mark's Current Racing Schedule
 Past Races
Feb 2019Shope LopeNC20 hrs1st overall18000 ft of climbing!
Feb 2019Winter Wildcat RogaineVA10 hrs Race Director
Feb 2019Florida Sea to SeaFL3 days2nd coedw/ JeffW, AnnaJ
Mar 2019Expedition IndiaIndia6 days7thin 95 hrs
Apr 2019Hungry Mother 50KVA50K5thin 5:21 hrs
May 2019Get Stoked RogaineVA24 hrs Race Director
Sep 2019Rebecca's Private Idaho MTBID4 days  
Sep 2019Cloud City Ultra RunCO6 days  
Sep 2019USARA NationalsNC30 hrs  
Oct 2019Wild Gear ChaseVA2 hours 
Oct 2019The Gorgeous PossumWV2 daysN/ARace Director