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Mark's Racing History
2020Current Schedule
Nov 2019The Fig ARKentucky12 hrs1st overallSolo
Oct 2019Halloween BookhuntVA75 mins1st overallSmall fun local event
Oct 2019The Gorgeous PossumWV2 daysN/ARace Director
Oct 2019Dogman RogaineMI24 hrs1st overallw/ Dennis
Sep 2019Eco ChallengeFiji11 days  
Sep 2019Rebecca's Private IdahoID3 daysN/A150+ mile gravel ride
Aug 2019Draper MileVA1 mile68th5:26; 2nd in 50-55
Jul 2019CNYO 24-hour RogaineNY24 hrs1st overallw/ DennisW
Jun 2019Maine Summer ARME24 hrs1st overallw/ BrianR,NickiD
Jun 2019Uwharrie 18 Hour ARNC18 hrs1st overallw/ BrianM
May 2019Get Stoked RogaineVA24 hrsN/ARace Director
Apr 2019Hungry Mother 50KVA50K5thin 5:21 hrs
Mar 2019Expedition IndiaIndia6 days7thin 95 hrs
Feb 2019Florida Sea to SeaFL3 days2nd coedw/ JeffW, AnnaJ
Feb 2019Winter Wildcat RogaineVA10 hrsN/ARace Director
Feb 2019Shope LopeNC20 hrs1st overall18000 ft of climbing!
Nov 2018Open 6 RogaineVA6 hrs1stsmall rogaine
Oct 2018Run Around The GorgeWV2 daysN/ARace Director
Oct 2018Big Dog Backyard UltraTN24 hrs49th55 miles
Oct 2018The StockvillePA2 daysN/ATook PSU class
Oct 2018Wild Gear ChaseVA2 hrs7th
Sep 2018USARA NationalsIN30 hrs17thw/ Tim,SaraD
Sep 2018Shenandoah ToughVA3 daysN/AARWS referee
Aug 2018Green Corn Moon RogaineOH6 hrs2ndsolo
Jul 2018Untamed New EnglandNH4 days4thw/ Untamed
Jun 2018Maine Summer ARME24 hrs5thw/ Untamed
May 2018Expedition OregonOR3 days4thw/ MainNerve
May 2018Northern TraverseEngland192 miles6thin 71 hrs
May 2018Get Stoked RogaineVA24 hrs Race Director
Apr 2018Shenandoah Epic ARVA30 hrs3rdw/ Shane,Julia
Apr 2018Crooked Compass TrekPA8 hrsN/ATook PSU class
Mar 2018Crossroads RogaineIA24 hrs1st62 miles in 21 hrs
Mar 2018RaccoongainePA6 hrs2nd1st solo
Feb 2018GodzoneNew Zealand10 daysN/AVolunteer
Jan 2018St James 50KNew Zealand50K7th1st Masters
Dec 2017Two Rivers RaceDelaware12 hrs3rdw/ Chris,Jo
Nov 2017WPOC Score O (Pine Ridge)Pennsylvania1.5 hrs1stsolo
Nov 2017Race The Ridge ARVirginia6 hrs1stsolo
Oct 2017Run Around The GorgeWV41 milesXXRace director
Oct 2017Stockville RogainePA2 days4thw/ Lora&Samson
Sep 2017USARA NationalsPennsylvania30 hrs7thw/ Andy, Sara
Aug 2017Ellicottville Adventure RunNew York6 hrs4thw/ Samson!
Aug 2017Cowboy Tough Adventure RaceWyoming7 days22ndw/ Rootstock Racing
Jul 2017CNYO RogaineNew York24 hrs1stw/ Dave Lamb
Jul 2017Sheltowee Extreme ARKentucky12 hrs3rdw/ Lora, Shane
Jul 2017Sinister 7 Relay RunAlberta, CAN103 miles35thw/ Lora,Scott,Kelly
Jun 2017Highland Sky 40MWest Virginia41 miles16thin 8:15
Jun 2017Savage ARNew Jersey12 hrs2ndw/ Andy, Ann
Jun 2017Rothrock Trail ChallengePennsylvania17 miles16th1st 50+
May 2017Dragon's Back RunWales200 miles42nd125/230 racers finished
May 2017Get Stoked RogaineVA12/24 hrsXXRace director
Apr 2017EPIC Adventure RaceVirginia24 hrsXXVolunteering
Apr 2017Breakdown Adventure RaceKentucky4 days3rdw/ SaraD,JonS,Julia
Jan 2017The ChillMaryland6 hrs1stW/ Rootstock Racing
Mar 2017RaccoongainePennsylvania6 hrs1stsolo
Mar 2017Crooked Compass RogainePennsylvania8 hrs5thw/ Glen
Mar 2017Fool's RogaineNew Jersey6 hrs3rd1st co-ed team
Dec 2016Two Rivers ARPennsylvania12 hrs3rdw/ Lora, Chris T
Nov 2016ARWC Australia XPDAustralia10 days60thw/ NYARA
Oct 2016Run Around The GorgeWV41 miles Race director
Oct 2016Bridge Day 5KWest Virginia5 km Race director
Oct 2016Python RogaineOhio12 hrs1st coed4th overall (w/ Sara D)
Sep 2016The Rut VK,28K,50KMontana79 km2nd 50+
Aug 2016Itera Adventure RaceIreland5 days8thw/ Rootstock Racing
Jul 2016Cowboy Tough Adventure RaceWyoming3.5 days9thw/ Shane,Jon,Julia
Jun 2016Highland Sky 40MWest Virginia41 miles10thin 7:33
Jun 2016Northern Traverse RunEngland192 miles9thin 70 hrs
May 2016Get Stoked RogaineVA12/24 hrs Race director
Apr 2016Grayson Highlands 50KVirginia50 km13thin 4:56
Apr 2016Breakdown Adventure RaceKentucky24 hrs3rdw/ Andy, Bev
Apr 2016Crooked Compass RogainePennsylvania8 hrs7thw/ Lora
Mar 2016Georgia Death Race RunGeorgia74 miles45/300Samson went 50m
Feb 2016Patagonia Expedition RaceChile10 days6thTeam NorCal
Nov 2015Sleepy Hollow RogaineOH12 hrs1st 
Oct 2015Run Around The GorgeWV41 miles Race director
Oct 2015Go Fest Wild Gear ChaseVA2 hrs7th 
Oct 2015USARA Nat'l Champ ARVA30 hrs13thw/ Odyssey (Andy,Sara)
Sep 2015Tor Des Geants RunItaly200 miles32/815175 miles; 86 hrs (race shortened for weather)
Sep 2015Shenandoah Mtn 100 bikeVA100 miles249/52524th masters; 10:50 hrs
Aug 2015Hogback ARTN24 hrs1stwith CP0 (Michelle,Allen)
Aug 2015Green Corn Moon RogaineOH6 hrs2nd 
Jul 2015Colorado RogaineCO24 hrs1stw/ Teresa
Jun 2015Carvins Cove Trail marathonVA26 miles11th3:57, 1st 40-49
May 2015Equinox TraversePA2 days4thwith Rev3 (Jeff,Dusty,Britt)
May 2015Get Stoked RogaineVA12/24 hrs Race director
Apr 2015Rev3 Epic Adventure RaceVA30 hrs5thOdyssey (Andy,Teresa,SaraG)
Apr 2015Marathon Des SablesMorocco6 days454/136042:30 hrs
Mar 2015Florida Sea to SeaFL3 days7thw/ Odyssey (Andy)
Feb 2015NSF Frozen Beaver RogaineOH6 hrs3rdw/ Teresa
Nov 2014Huairasinchi ARWCEcuador10 days28thw/ Odyssey
Oct 2014Run Around The GorgeWV41 mi--race director
Oct 2014Wild Gear ChaseVA10 mi3rd/4thw/ Teresa
Oct 2014WV Trilogy - 13.1MWV13.1 mi6th1:45
Oct 2014WV Trilogy - 50MWV50 mi6th10:51
Oct 2014WV Trilogy - 50KWV50 km3rd5:20
Oct 2014WV Trilogy Mtn RunWV94 mi3rd17 hrs, 56min
Oct 2014USARA NationalsMd30 hrs2nd Mastersw/ Odyssey
Sep 2014Dirt Floor RogaineKY8 hrs1st
Aug 2014Trail Rampage HalfVA13.1 mi5thin 2:02
Aug 2014Itera Adventure RaceWales, UK5 days17thw/ Team Odyssey
Aug 2014Draper MileVA1 mile25ndin 5:13
Jul 2014Odyssey Big BearVA24 hrs2ndw/ Teresa, Susanna
Jun 2014Untamed New EnglandMaine4 days16thw/ Odyssey
May 2014Iceland OMMIceland2 days5thw/ JD
May 2014Carvin's Cove MarathonVA26.2 mi11thin 3:38 (1st in 45-49)
May 2014Wild and Wonderful ARVA24 hrsInjuryw/ Odyssey
May 2014NSF Race of Hope RogaineOH8 hrs1stw/ Teresa
May 2014Trail Nuts Half MarathonVA13.1 mi3rdin 1:36:30
Apr 2014Rev3 Epic Adventure RaceVA24 hrs4thw/ Odyssey
Apr 2014Breakdown Adventure RaceKY15 hrs2ndw/ Ron, Laura
Apr 2014Hell Climb RunVA6.5 mi13th53:30, 1st in 45-49
Mar 2014Spartan Obstacle RunNC5 mi196thw/ Tri Adventure team
Mar 2014Odyssey Sprint ARVA6 hrs1stw/ Teresa
Feb 2014Mayan Mountain ChallengeBelize4 days2ndw/ Odyssey
Feb 2014Coastal Challenge Jungle RunCosta Rica6 days10thsolo
Jan 2014Frozen Toe 10K Trail RunVA10km7th43:50, 1st in 45-49
Dec 2013AR WorldsCosta Rica10 days24thw/ Thor, Pete, JD
Nov 2013Sleepy Hollow RogaineOhio12 hrs1stw/ Teresa
Nov 2013End Cancer RunDC5 miles12thin 33:08
Oct 2013Run Around The GorgeWV41 miles--race director
Oct 2013USARA Nationals ARIN30 hrs1st1st Masters, 6th overall
Sep 2013Odyssey Trail RampageVA40 miles2ndin 6hrs 47mins
Sep 2013Shenandoah Mountain 100VA100 miles141/6509th masters
Aug 2013Gold Rush ARCA4 days8thw/ Team Odyssey
Aug 2013Burkes Garden Century RideVA100 miles--race director
Aug 2012Green Corn Moon RogaineOH6 hrs1stw/ Samson
Aug 2013Draper MileVA1 mile31st5:06, 1st in 45-49
Jul 2013Odyssery EPIC ARVA24 hrs1stw/ Team Odyssey
Jul 2013Sheltowee Extreme ARKY12 hrs1stsolo
Jun 2013Carvin's Cove Trail MarathonVA26 miles8th3:51:50, 1st in 45-49
May 2013Mountains of Misery Road RideVA102 miles76/4506 hrs, 33 min
May 2013Wild & Wonderful ARVA24 hrs1stw/ Team Odyssey
May 2013Race Of Hope RogaineOH12 hrs1stw/ Samson
Apr 2013Bel Monte Endurance Trail RunVA34 miles2nd5hr 47min
Apr 2013Mill Mountain 10KVA10K9th45:47, 1st in 40-49
Feb 2013WazUpWitDis Urban RunVA4m1stsolo
Jan 2013Frozen Toe 10K Trail RunVA10km7th45:05, 1st in 45-49
Dec 2012Frosty 5KVA5K7thin 19:28
Nov 2012Sleepy Hollow RogaineOH12 hrs21stw/ Leigh
Nov 2012End Women's Cancer RunVA5 miles7thof 2200! In 31:21
Oct 2012Into The Darkness RunVA4 miles1stin 27:48
Oct 2012Run Around The GorgeWV40 miles--race director
Oct 2012USARA Nationals ARNY30 hrs17thw/ Team Odyssey
Sep 2012AR World ChampsFrance8 days36thw/ Dancing Pandas
Aug 2012Adidas TerrexScotland5 days11thw/ GOALS ARA
Aug 2012Race Of Hope RogaineOH24 hrs1stw/ Sara
Aug 2012Draper MileVA1 mile39th5:12, 1st in 45-49
Jul 2012Odyssey One DayVA24 hrs1stw/ Team Odyssey
Jun 2012Untamed New EnglandME4 days10thw/ GOALS ARA
May 2012Wild & Wonderful ARVA24 hrs1stsolo
Apr 2012Rev3 Adventure RaceVA26 hrs2ndw/ Team Odyssey
Apr 2012Mill Mountain 10KVA10K8th45:59, 1st in 40-49
Mar 2012Adrenalin Rush ARVA12 hrs1st w/ Team Odyssey
Feb 2012Patagonia Expedition ARChile10 days10thw/ Dancing Pandas
Dec 2011Hiking In Australia, Indonesia, and New Zealand
Nov 2011AR World ChampsTasmania10 days26thw/ Dancing Pandas
Oct 2011Run Around The GorgeWV40 miles race director
Oct 2011USARA Nationals ARKY30 hrs6thw/ Team Odyssey
Jul/Sep 2011Cycling Tour of Europe: Iceland, Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey
May/Jun 2011Traveling in camper van in North America with dogs
Mar/Apr 2011Traveling in South America: Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil
Feb 2011Patagonia Expedition ARChile10 days8thw/ Dancing Pandas
Jan 2011Frozen Toe 10K Trail RunVA10 km17th45:05, 3rd in 40-44
Nov 2010Mountain Masochist RunVA54 miles47th9:31:16
Oct 2010CPZero NationalsUtah30 hrs1stw/ Odyssey; 2nd CPT series
Oct 2010Run Around The GorgeWV40 miles--race director
Oct 2010USARA NationalsPennsylvania30 hrs7thw/ Odyssey;1st USARA series
Oct 2010Florida Coast to CoastFlorida4 days2ndw/ Odyssey
Sep 2010Blue Ridge RelayNC36 hrs38th12th in Mixed
Sep 2010Trans Alps 8 Day RunEurope310 km19thw/ Gareth
Aug 2010Untamed New EnglandNH3 days15thw/ Goals ARA
Aug 2010Culpeper Sprint TriVASprint Tri14th4th in 40-44
Jul 2010Richmond Sprint TriVASprint Tri36th3rd in 40-44
Jul 2010Sheltowee ExtremeKY24 hrs1stw/ Odyssey/ImOnPoint
Jun 2010Blacksburg SolsticeVA5 km9th1st masters, 20:05
May 2010Australia XPDQueensland10 days8thw/ Dancing Pandas
Apr 2010Blue Ridge MarathonVirginia26 miles17th1st in 40-44, 3:26
Apr 2010Untamed SwitzerlandSwitzerland3 days2ndw/ Sara
Mar 2010Endorphin FixWV2 days2ndw/ Odyssey/ImOnPoint
Mar 2010LegregaineOH6 hrs1st 
Mar 2010Blacksburg ClassicVA10 miles14th3rd in 40-44, 68:45
Feb 2010Soggy Bottom RogaineVirginia12 hrs1stw/ Monika/Gretchen
Feb 2010Swamp StompFlorida30 hrs4th1st solo
Feb 2010Coastal ChallengeCosta Rica6 days4th135 miles
Jan 2010NGAR One Day ARGA30 hrs6thw/ Odyssey
Nov 2009Star City Half MarathonVA13.5 mi41stin Vibrams (1:32)
Nov 2009Sleepy Hollow RogaineOH12 hrs1stw/ Aaron
Nov 2009High Country Conservancy 5KNC5 km6th20:01
Oct 2009USARA NationalsTX30 hrs3rdw/ Shane, Jen M
Sep 2009Salem Lake 30KNC30 km32nd2:13
Sep 2009Blue Ridge RelayNC36 hrs 208 mi relay run
Aug 2009Primal QuestSD10 days9thTeam Endurox R4
Aug 2009Chalahgawtha Midnight RogaineOH6 hrs2ndsolo
Jul 2009Explore SwedenSweden7 days16thYogaSlackers
May 2009Wild And WonderfulWV24 hrs3rdSara D, Shane, Luther
Apr 2009Big Sur MarathonCA26.2 mi226/30843:34
Apr 2009Endorphin Fix ARWV84 hrsUnrankedSara, Sara, Matt
Mar 2009Belmonte 25K Trail RunVA25kUnrankedwith Jen P
Mar 2009Odyssey 8 Hour RogaineVA8 hrs1stsolo
Feb 2009Patagonia Expedition RaceChile10 days4thCalleva
Jan 2009Odyssey One Day ARVA24 hrs3rdCalleva
Nov 2008IGWAGuadelupe6 days6thw/ John Laughlin
Nov 2008USARA NationalsGA30 hrs7thw/ Sara P, Jason
Sep 2008The SHAG ARNY26 hrs3rdw/ Dima, Karen, Courtney
Sep 2008Untamed Virginia ARVA30 hrs4thw/ Sara
Sep 2008Blue Ridge RelayVA/NC208 mi37thw/ Grateful Tread
Aug 2008Coast Raid Stage ARQuebec4 days1stw/ YogaSlackers
Aug 2008Krista Griesacker ARPA12 hrs3rdw/ Aaron, Sara
Jul 2008Odyssey One Day ARVA24 hrs1stw/ Dmitri, Sara, Michelle
Jun 2008Primal Quest ARMT10 days14thw/ Doug, Sara, Luther
Jun 2008Jim Bridger 10 MilerMT10 mi3rd150 runners
Jun 2008Governor's Cup Half MarathonMT13.1 mi14th491 runners
May 2008Baldy Blitz 10 MilerMT10 mi3rd50 runners
May 2008Buena Vista ARCO24 hrs6th2nd solo
Apr 2008Endorphin Fix ARWV72 hrsUnrankedw/ Doug, Sara, Jason
Mar 2008North Georgia ARGA30 hrs5thw/ Doug, Sara
Mar 2008SnowGaine XVNY16 hrs12thw/ Jen
Feb 2008Pisgah 150 Mile Mtn Bike RideNC36 hrsUnrankedw/ Doug, Tracy
Jan 2008Tough Guy RunEngland10 mi38th7000 racers
Jan 2008Strathpuffer 24 HourScotland24 hrs19thsolo
Nov 2007USARA Nationals MO30 hrs14thw/ Jason, Sara
Oct 2007Odyssey 1 Day Race VA24 hrs1stw/ Sara
Oct 2007Brush Mtn Breakdown VA16 miles5thsolo
Aug 2007Australia XPD Queensland10 days10thw/ Jason, Jen, Sara
Jul 2007Montana Adventure Race MT5 days3rdw/ Jason, Andy, Erica
Jul 2007Odyssey 1 Day Race VA24 hrs3rd  w/ Steve, Brian, Sasha
Jun 2007Lionheart PA24 hrs1stw/ Sara, Jason
May 2007AR World Championship Scotland6 daysUnrankedShort course
Apr 2007Promiseland VA10 hrs15th (5:34) field of 270
Apr 2007Odyssey Endorphin Fix WV2 days3thw/ Sara, Joe, Rod
Apr 200724 Hour Run For Africa NC24 hrs7threlay - 150mi
Apr 2007Dirty Dawg Mtn Bike Race VA2 hrs5thin age group
Mar 2007Checkpoint Zero Adv. Race GA36 hrs7thw/ Steph, Jason S
Mar 2007Toad Hollow Mtn Bike Rogaine OH6 hrs1stsolo
Feb 2007 Holiday Lake 50K Ultra Marathon VA7.5 hrs22ndof 256
Jan 2007Groundhog's Revenge Rogaine OH6 hrs1stw/ Sara Dallman
Jan 2007Odyssey 1 Day Race VA24 hrs10thw/ Bethlehem Steel
Aug 2006Nighttime Rogaine OH6 hrs1stsolo
Jul 2006Odyssey 1 Day Race VA24 hrs1stw/ Mighty Dog
Jun 2006Eco Primal Quest UT10 days24thfield of 90 teams
Apr 2006Odyssey Endorphin Fix VA36 hrs2ndw/ Kristen
Feb 2006Groundhog's Revenge Rogaine OH6 hrs5th1st coed w/ Steph
Oct 2005Odyssey Beast of the East VA5 days8thpartial team
Jul 2005Ohio Coast 2 Coast OH36 hrs2ndrelay
Apr 2005Nashville Marathon TN26.2 mi??3:10:31
Apr 2005Odyssey Endorphin Fix VA36 hrs1stsolo
Mar 2005Odyssey 1 Day Race VA24 hrs3rdw/ Kristen
Mar 2005Smoky Mtn Adv Race NC40 hrs20thw/ KJ, Jason S
Feb 2005Groundhog's Revenge Rogaine OH6 hrs4th1st coed w/ Steph
Jan 2005North Georgia Adventure Race GA30 hrs w/ Kristen, Jon
Oct 2004Beast Of The East TN5 days4thsolo
Aug 2004Nighttime Rogaine OH8 hrs2ndsolo
Aug 2004Mega Dose VA2 days w/ KJ, Jason, Bill
Jun 2004Wild 100 Mtn Bike WV8 hrs2ndsolo
Jun 2004Hope Furnace Rogaine OH24 hrs3rdw/ Jason S
May 2004World Rogaine Champs AZ24 hrs99thw/ Paul
May 2004PHEAR WV60 hrs3rdw/ Kristen
Apr 2004Alum Creek Adv. Race OH6 hrs1stw/ Mike, Sally
Mar 2004Odyssey 1 Day Race VA24 hrs3rdw/ Kristen
Feb 2004Groundhog's Revenge Rogaine OH6 hrs4thsolo
Sep 2003Adventure Rage MI30 hrs13thw/ Kasey
Aug 2003Nighttime Rogaine OH8 hrs1stsolo
Aug 2003Mega Dose VA2 days w/ Kristen
Jun 2003Odyssey 1 Day Race VA24 hrs4thw/ Kristen
May 200224 Hours of Adrenaline Mtn Bike GA24 hrs13thsolo
May 200224 Hours of Snowshoe Mtn Bike WV24 hrs w/ WV team
May 2002Appalachian Extreme ME72 hrs8thw/ Kristen, Jeff
Apr 2002Western Maryland AR MD6 hrs1stw/ Dan
Nov 2001NOC Adventure Race NC12 hrs10thw/ Lora, Darroch
Jun 2001Austria Top 6 Mtn Bike Puchberg, Austria5 hrswrecksolo
Before 2001Many running races, marathons, mtn bike races and triathlons.